AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning and data mining are today part of numerous industries and applications. But the impact that AI has today is just the tip of the iceberg. Every industry will have to reinvent itself in the wake of deep machine learning.

We have developed solutions in natural language processing, simulations, nonlinear modelling, data mining and more. Some of our solutions include:

  • Lightweight and accurate classifiers, relevant/not relevant, language, product and topic recognition.
  • Clusterization methods to find similar objects and analyze data distributions.
  • Modeling of physical tools for nonlinear error compensation.

We can offer a solid knowledge of data mining, machine learning processes and deep learning. We can help you extract valuable information from raw data as well as automate processes but most of all we can help you understand how your business can be impacted by AI and how to prepare.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality have grown beyond gaming into a tool for several applications, among other training, simulations, concept design.

We have developed unique techniques and researched novel approaches to the use of virtual and augmented reality and we can help your organization with the concept and the design of a new VR/AR application as well as with the implementation. You will be able to leverage our experience in Unity and Unreal Engine as well as our knowledge of system architecture for distributed, network based services. Together we can turn your vision into reality.

IoT and sensors

We design and develop custom mobile (iOS, Android) and tablet applications for interacting with all type of sensors as well as other data sources from IoT devices. Whether you are in manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, energy, utilities or other industries we can help you with remote monitoring and data acquisition for both commercial and industrial applications. Our staff of highly qualified in-house experts can help you in the full-cycle of development. Our full-cycle app development services includes product design and development, quality assurance and testing, deployment as well as ongoing maintenance.

As IoT projects go from concepts to reality, one of the biggest challenges is how to manage and analyse the data created by devices. We help corporates and organizations to aggregate and analyze data generated from IoT sensors on all types of machinery.  We have outstanding expertise in data warehousing and data mining both traditional and machine learning based including deep learning.

Custom Software Development for Your Business

We develop custom web and enterprise applications that fit each of our clients’ unique business requirements and strategies and facilitate their business transformation and growth. Thanks to 10 years of experience and high quality standards we are able to develop software solutions that give our clients’ business an edge over competitors. Our team of experts support the client through development stages, from accurate planning, business consulting, design and programming to training, testing and production support. Whether you would like to extend an existing application or implement a new solution, we are here to support you. We can offer both on premises solutions as well as applications hosted on our servers. Let us find the most appropriate solution based on your internal technical expertise, security requirements and budget.