Innovation is at the heart of successful businesses.

To drive innovation and significantly enhance our competitive edge, we have close collaborations with many European Universities.


Here are some of our research activities and the publications that resulted from them.

Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation

To improve one our corporate applications and empower it with automatic classification and information extraction from text, we developed a few Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Translation (MT) approaches. This motivation led us to contribute to the global task of improving Machine Translation using deep learning techniques.  The result will come out soon. Stay Tuned!

Sound Processing

We might be scientist and developers but first and foremost we are all audiophiles! A couple of years ago we decided to start a project to see if we could create the perfect speaker a speaker with absolute linear response for all signals. And we decided to use science to design it! This initially fun project turned into a very interesting work and collaboration with the University of Applied Science in Zurich. Using precise interferometric measurements and machine learning algorithms we were able to linearise the speaker output to a very high degree. This work resulted in a master thesis and a paper:

Master Thesis by Alessandro Loriga

Nonlinear Volterra Model of a Loudspeaker Behavior Based on Laser Doppler Vibrometry

Now it is time to turn this research project into a product.

Virtual Reality and Crowdsourcing

Who would not want to stroll around the cities of ancient Greece or Rome and meet the people of that age, browse through the markets, watch history unfold. We had this vision of a great virtual world where you could do all this. But then why stop there. Well you might argue, because doing this is already a huge endeavour. But in collaboration with University of Florence we came up with a solution: Build the tools so everyone can contribute.

We presented the preliminary result of this work at GARR 2017 (Sigil3D: A Crowdsourcing Platform for Interactive 3D Content) in Florence and soon we will open a closed alpha of this revolutionary crowdsourced interactive 3D World.