iSense Mobile

Before you enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning, you’ve most probably already turned to a mobile app to start your day. Whether it’s checking your e-mails, finding your way to a meeting, or just enjoying your latte while reading the daily news, on thing is clear:

Apps are now a part of our daily routine, with the rising usage of 25% each year. Apps play a key role in those I-want-to-know, I-want-to-do, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-buy moments. Due to their efficiency, apps have now expanded their usage also into business companies and we are part of its success.

A leading company in sensors and controls, has chosen us to create an app for their customers with the intention of providing better accessibility to data. Through a great collaboration with our client and a lot of experience in designing apps, we have come up with the perfect solution, which we named iSense Mobile.

Simplicity & Power

Our design goal was to make iSense Mobile as practical and as easy to use as possible.

iSense Mobile connects to the sensors using Bluetooth. This makes it possible to obtain data from any sensor in reach without the need to walk back to the computer, thus increasing productivity.isense (1)

As different users are responsible for different areas of the process, iSense is adjusted to satisfy their specific needs. Measurements units can be easily selected according to needs, the interface can be adapted to the screen size switching off part of the controls, starting and stopping a measurement can be customized to be activated with a click anywhere on the screen.

This last feature is one of our special adjustment to the specific application we are facing, namely use in a factory environment where timing is critical and interfaces need to be immediate and easily accessible. So icons are large and separated from each other. Tapping the wrong icon by mistake will never be a problem again. Analogously screen reading are large and high contrast with color coded highlights for things that need the user attention.


The application reacts immediately to a new attached sensor or to a sensor being detached showing a picture of the currently available or selected sensors. Visual recognition is more immediate than reading the name or the serial number and speeds up the work.

Every user can use the app on their personal phone as we have made it available for all platforms (both Android and iOS). However, we haven’t stopped there with making the app more suitable for our client.

Measurements can be recorded and saved in files that can be easily exported or shared. While recorded measurements can be browsed directly in the app, this can become a daunting task for such a small screen. By exporting the data to your PC you can take advantage of the increased real estate while analysing your measurements.


A Success Story

We designed iSense Mobile to fit perfectly the needs of client for a sleek, simple but powerful app. Through a great collaboration with the client we have made the app to be easy to read and use, to help every user be more accurate and efficient in their job.

In this process we were able to support our customer in the design and the development of all aspects of the application from the low level communication protocol to the graphic design of the interface.