Non-linear DSP

The last years have seen an always increasing interest in high fidelity digital audio processing. A very important factor for this expansion is connected to improvements in the software and hardware tools. Thanks to the continuous evolution of DSP processors, it’s becoming possible to apply numerous corrections to the signal in real-time. The common implementations of audio fidelity improvement are obtained as linear analysis and filters. These methodologies can be applied in very simple way with high performance.  Although physical loudspeakers have inherent nonlinearities generating harmonic and intermodulation distortions in the output signal, performance has represented a significant barrier for a non linear analysis and real time filters.


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 15.08.19


Together with the University of Applied Science in Zurich and the University of Florence we devised an adaptive non linear filter that is able to correct harmonic distortions as well as intermodulations. The results will be soon published in a technical paper and we are already planning to bring this technology to the market with a new partner in the audio industry.