Manage your medical info requests in one simple and integrated system

Processing medical information requests in a large pharmaceutical company for all Europe can be a daunting chore. Different countries need to comply to different legislations. Teams can vary in size and structure. Deploying one single process to all can be to the detriment of most involved parties. With MedIS (Medical Information System) we developed a flexible and easy to use system that enable specific processes where needed while providing everyone with a baseline that suffices for global management requirements. MedIS covers the full life cycle of a medical inquiry from creation by email or direct access, assignment and tracking, content management for medical documents, follow ups with the inquirer, all the way through the final answer

Incoming Inquiries

Managing incoming medical information requests becomes easy and pleasant through a clean and functional interface that presents all the important information at a glance and allows medical information managers and other specialists quick and efficient tools to assign, document and answer incoming inquiries.

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New Inquiries

MedIS helps users insert new inquiries by keeping track that all the needed information has been submitted and presenting this information to the user in an immediate graphical way. Inquiries can be one or multiple questions about the same or different products. MedIS makes sure that this information is organised in a clean and accessible way and that all the required details are filled in before submission. A final report informs the user of the result of his or her work before committing the information to the attention of others in the system.

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Mobile Users

We created a custom iPad app that reduces dramatically the time needed to react to new inquiries and assignments on the go or to insert a new inquiry. This gives our client the freedom to work efficiently and precisely even when visiting a customer or at a conference. With a complete synchronised replica of the central database, the user can do most of the work while offline and then synchronise with the central application as soon as they are online.

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